What We do...

We are just getting started!

Web, Marketing, and Media Services

Need a website, hosting provider, marketing help or custom video?

RockRMS Support

Helping small to mid-sized churches implement RockRMS!
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Ministry Consulting

Want a family with young kids to give honest feedback? Maybe someone to fill in preaching for a week.

Drone Photography / Videography

Sometimes you just need a unique angle to showcase how awesome something is.

Video Production

We love helping people tell there story, often video is one of the best ways to do this.

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Our Early Days…

In the early days of Six Grick’s Solution we took on general handyman tasks on top of our other work. We still support our current customers, but are not taking on new handyman/construction clients.

What we don’t do:

  • Painting (it’s just not in our skill set)
  • Plumbing (regulations require a licenced plumber does this)
  • Electrical (again just trying to follow the rules)
  • Roof work (insurnace says “no”)
  • Snow removal (insurnace said “no” to this also)
  • Landscaping Services / Lawn Mowing
  • Turf Care / Fertilizing

There might be some items we missed, but don’t let the list scare you. We want you to have the highest quality service so if we aren’t a fit we will let you know, and maybe recommend someone who is.

Sorry...we don't look like a lego man...

Meet the person behind the business
DJ Grick

DJ Grick


Growing up in a construction family DJ started spending time on job sites at a young age. He went to college for pastoral ministry and served at a quickly growing church for over a decade. During his time in ministry there, he served as a youth pastor media and IT pastor, and eventually operations pastor. He helped oversee large building projects and general facility maintenance. Today he, his wife, and 4 children are leading a church plant while serving your family's handyman, general IT, or media needs.


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Some Of Our Clients

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