We are the Grick Family. During the pandemic of 2020 we stepped away from a pastoral position we served in for 11 years, sold our home, and moved to the Coatesville area with a vision to create a new life-giving ministry. While that’s still our primary focus Six Gricks Solutions was created as a way for our family to use the gifts God has given us to serve your business or family (and pay our bills).

We pull from our diverse experiences to be able to provide a rich array of services. Being a ministry family we take our reputation seriously and have worked to ensure we have the licenses and insurance necessary to exceed regulations.

Want to learn more about our ministry? Check out CityWell.Church.

Want to connect with our family? Check out WeSixGricks.com.

Want to hire us for some work? Head over to our Contact Page or give us a call (484) 876-1565.

We look forward to serving you soon,

DJ Grick